Is Global Warming Real

Is global warming real Global warming is the continuous increase of the average temperature of the Earth’s surface and the ocean level. Scientists and governments of developed countries have concluded that free greenhouse gases and other man-made activities are responsible for climate change that is affecting the planet. The threat of global warming is acknowledged in these countries and fight for the existence of the planet has become very popular.
The objective of this project is to determine and state the actual effects of global warming. Learn the evidence and consequences of global warming and how this might affect our everyday life style.
Global Warming Hypothesis states that the gradual increase in the atmospheric carbon dioxide CO2 that is caused by man will have an increase on the greenhouse effect, significantly raise the planet-wide temperature and have some catastrophic consequences in later life.
According to the National Geography, global warming is when the average temperature of the earth increases and the ocean rises. This occurs due to effect of the greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, such as, carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapour, deforestation and burning of fossil fuel. The trap heat that would normally escape from the earth and the heat from the sun increase the temperature. This led to an agreement that global warming is occurring and is initiated by human activities. However, global warming has no implications for the cause, knowing through observation that the atmosphere surrounding the earth is warming. The earth warming and the climate change have always been in the past and will continue to the future.
Greenhouse gases are gases that occur naturally such as water vapour, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and many others. Slight increase in these gases can cause increase in temperature. Concentration of these gases is not as big as the main constituents (oxygen and nitrogen) of the atmosphere as they do not have the…