Social Statuses

Three different social statuses in my life are: Women, 18 years old, and the working classWomen In this article it described how men and women are treated different in society. In modern time, women and men are being treated the same, but in the old days men held all the power. Women are more emotionally driven, while men are more goal oriented. In the past centuries women have gained a lot more power. Women now have more ground in politics, the work force, and also more power within the household. Before women did not have a voice and were not even allowed to vote. In these modern ages, there are many very powerful women. Also, women have went from being housewives, to now working and helping bring in money. Women still get negative sexual attention. There is still a double standard in affect today. If a man has sex with a lot of women he is considered cool, while women get called vulgar names for performing the same actions.

I grew up with a single mother who had to work to support us. I always considered my mother to be powerful, solely based on the fact that she did everything on her own without my father. Also, being that I’m a high school student, I witness double standards everyday. In my school, if you are a sexually active boy, you are considered to be cool. Whereas, if you are a girl and sexually active, then you get called names and made fun of. Since the roles of men and women are now equal, I can only hope that one day I will became a powerful women and hold a job along side powerful men.
18 years old This article describes the benefits of turning 18 years old. When you turn 18 you gain a lot more responsibilities and more freedom. By turning 18 you can work late hours without parents consent. Once you turn 18 you also can buy property our own your own house. The article talks about how you can buy…