What Changed Me

What Have You Been Through and How Did That Changed You
I was not enrolled for the second semester of my third year in the Conservatory. The reason was I needed medication for my back problems so instead of paying for my tuition, my parents have decided to settle for my physical therapy in the hospital. Since I was on vacation for eight months, I didn’t pay attention to the outside world because I am not the kind of person that likes to go out every Friday night or every weekend. I just like being at home with my family and my computer. I played games, talked to people from the other side of the world, read blogs, watched numerous movies, listened to music, and anything that I can do to learn something.
I missed my friends in the first few months of my vacation and I did everything to keep in touch with them. But as time passed by, they became busy with school and I got busy at home with my computer, and spending time with my sisters and brother and having a laugh with them every dinner. I kind of build my relationship with my siblings and as the eldest sister, I guided them in everything. It has been so long since we had been together playing monopoly or any board game for hours, having dinner together, watching movies together, teasing each other, and anything we do since we were kids because I lived in a dorm when I went to college. The life we live is just as simple as a dog and his master plays with each other, simple and happy.

This vacation is really boring if I did not think of something to do so I looked up on the internet on what will make me productive in a few months. I learned so many things like baking brownies, cakes and cupcakes, braiding hair, and making bracelets and other crafts. I also learned to cook shepherd’s pie or cottage pie and it is so delicious I think it is going to be my specialty. I was so lazy before that I did not know cooking and baking will help me to become a better person since I like eating a lot. It was a big…