Hum 130 Five Pillars of Islam

Five Pillars of Islam
The central belief of the Islam religion is Montheism. Montheism, means the belief of only one God, this God is referred to as Allah. The religion of Islam believes God to be omnipotent. (Religion of Islam, 2006-2013) The word Montheism refers to the Greek word Monos which means only and the word theos meaning God, thus only one God. (Religion of Islam, 2006-2013)
Islam’s religion is based on one main core belief, that there is only one God worthy of worship, and this God is Allah, and that Gods final messenger is Muhammad. The words spoken by Muhammad Rasulullah, “Ashadu an la ill laha il Allah wa Ashadu anna”, are considered the testimony of faith, and are the first of the five pillars. The five pillars are the foundation of Islam’s religion. (Religion of Islam, 2006-2013)
When we consider the five pillars of Islam it is vital to understand that the five pillars are the framework of Muslim religion. The five pillars is not just the framework of Muslim religion but a way of life in general. The five pillars are a testimony of faith that includes prayer, giving zakat, or the support of individual’s in need, fasting which takes place during Ramadan, and the pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in a Muslim’s life time if the individual is able to make the pilgrimage. (Abu-Harb, 1996-2002)
When I consider the five pillars practiced within the Islam religion, I fasting would be the hardest of the five pillars for me to follow. Within society today we have become accustomed to seeing a restaurant on almost every street corner, no matter where we travel throughout our busy day there seems to always be a place to partake in a meal. It would be difficult to ignore the need to consume food, to ignore our body’s natural reaction to eat when you feel hungry. It requires great faith to forgo food or our body’s basic needs as a requirement of our religion or faith. I believe that many aspects the Muslim religion is good, for the core of the…