Teaching Children About Preserving the Environment

Teaching children to Preserve Our Environment

Sam Jones module 3.3
Reflective essay Children today do not always have the enormous back yard with forests growing as far as the eye can see. There for it is up to the adults and parents to take the time and teach our next generation the importance of preserving our natural Environment. Have you ever taken your child fishing, hunting, or camping, and look at the smiles that come across their faces as they reel that fish in or get to see that squirrel up close. To me there is nothing more enjoyable than seeing that when I take my son Jayden out with me. Loggers have been taking down thousands of acres of natural forests every year; some have never had human contact before. Although they do some to re-plant these forests, it is also beneficial to have our kids learn how to do so as well. There are so many different ways that we not only as a community, but as a nation can do our part This will only benefit our future offspring to areas of clean fresh air with plenty of wildlife to observe.
When I was just a youngster, my father would always take the time to get not only me but my six other siblings outside as much as possible. He would take us on walks throughout the woods and even let us camp out sometimes. My father would teach us the correct way to build a fire, and show us different animal tracks and let us guess what animal left it. He would try his best as to get us all out hunting with him when we became the right age. He would point out different tree’s and tell us all their names and what they would sprout. My mother did her part as to teach us about the garden and what different vegetables she was going to plant and why. When I think about it now, I am pretty…