Alexa Burgoyne

Alexa Burgoyne
Honors English, Period 1
One day, when I was six years old, my parents adopted a Cocker Spaniel. My mom and dad did not tell my sister Andrea 13 year old sister or I about getting a new dog. At first, my sister and I heard a dog barking in our backyard.
Then, Andrea looked out the window and saw a tiny, black Cocker Spaniel puppy. We originally thought the dog was lost and somehow ended up in our backyard. Our other dog Bailey who was four years old, who was a brown Cocker Spaniel, started barking at the tiny puppy in our backyard.
All of a sudden our parents walked in from the garage with a bunch of dog food and dog toys, and I asked, “Why is there a dog in our backyard?” They answered, “We thought Bailey needed a new buddy.” Andrea and I quickly dashed outside to meet the new member of our family. The new dog was really shy and started peeing all over the place. We decided it was now time for Bailey to meet is new friend.
Finally, when we opened the white sliding glass door they were both wagging their tails and licking each other. Next, we decided to name the brand new puppy. My mom likes to name dogs with the letter B. My family and I searched the internet for, “Dog names that start with the letter B.” We kept scrolling through a list of names until my sister Andrea found the right name. She asked, “Why don’t we name him Bentley?” Our new puppy started wagging his tail when he heard the name, and we knew then that Bentley was his new name.
A few years later we had to put our dog Bailey down because he was too aggressive. That day we had him put down I left my room open, and he got into my trash. There was a peanut butter wrapper across the room from where he was standing so I went to go pick it up and he ran across the room opened his jaw and bit my hand. It was the final straw,…