Reflection Essay
Flynn(Taofeng Zhang)When I was a little Flynn I felt puzzled saw the word “stock ” I turned around and asked my father “what is stock means ,dad” . After reflecting for a time my farther said “The stock is like gamble Flynn never ever try to contacting that OK?” My farther looks seriously. Although I don’t know what is gamble means in that time , but from my farther ‘s face I know that must be something bad . But now I realized my farther was worry .the stock market is part of the economy of the states .
Two month ago , I started work on the stock market project , When I got the stock markets sheets I have no idea on it , open the internet website about the stock market I saw many company in there I don’t know which corporation would be benefit for me .From the corporation list I selected my stocks which was rose . my friend Kermo laughing me ,” Idiot you will lose money you should choose some one fall.” “I don’t care that is not real money ” I embarrassed .
Several weeks after ,I was really care about my stocks tendency . I search a lot of things for my corporation .suck as corporation background ,historical prices , charts and some analysis article , Although wasn’t help make my money up after did that .but I believe stock market project is a really good experience for me to invest money on real stock market in next time . Anyway, I will tell my Papa about that ,I’m seriously !Sorry Mr Caziarc! limited by my English level I couldn’t wrote like professional stock market article .[pic]