Gina Shellhammer

Carmen Corbett
Mr. Tim Martin
Adv. 100
June 20, 2013
Gina Shellhammer

Gina Shellhammer was born November 19, 1974 in Sweeny Texas.
([email protected]) Gina had adventures childhood, moving from place to place as a child. She
learned and saw things some would only dream off seeing. I would imagine like most parents
their hearts were filled with joy beyond compare. Although, Gina’s dad was living in Japan
he made it home just in time to see his beautiful little girl arrive into this world. After Gina’s
was born she stayed in Texas with her mother while her farther returned to Japan.
Gina’s dad Tom was in the United States Marine Corp and throughout his career in the
military he served in many different places throughout the world. When Tom came back home
from Japan, he moved Gina and him family to Virginia. Once in Virginia Gina’s mother Teresa
had another child. This would be Gina’s first sibling a bouncing little girl named Renee. The
family all lived in Virginia for four years.
Now Gina and he family are off to a new town, her dad now has orders for New
Orleans where they moved to a little town called Houma, LA. Gina started school when the
family was living here. Gina liked school but she could hardly wait to get home to see her
little sister Renee. After, Gina and her family had been in Houma for about a tear her mom
and dad decided to have another baby. During this pregnancy Gina loved to rub her mothers
belly she liked to feel the baby move. Gina was so excited about having another baby sib-
ling. Gina’s mom had another little girl and her name was Paula. I could only imagine the
smile Gina had on her face when Paula came home from the hospital. She has another sibling she
could spend time playing with.
It’s time to move again, we are moving to North Carolina says Gina to a town called
Jacksonville. My dad is now stationed at the New River Air Station base….