ProcedureStep 1: Cut strawberry/ lemon/ orange in half
Step 2: Open soil pH test tube
Step 3: Measure 10 mL
Step 4: Pour water into Ph test tube
Step 5: Squeeze lemon/ orange/ strawberry in soil pH test tube
Step 6: Place soil pH test tablets in soil pH test tubes
Step 7: Place top on soil Ph test tube
Step 8: Invert soil pH test tube 10 times
Step 9: Compare colors on soil pH test tubes to Master Soil Test Kit’s Color Chart under the pH section
Step 10: Repeat twice more
Step 11: Record your data Non-Variables
Amount of water
Master Soil Test Kit
Type of fruit Trials
First Trial: Orange 5.0
Lemon 4.5
Strawberry 4.0
Second Trial: Orange 4.7
Lemon 5.0
Strawberry 4.0
Third Trial: Orange 5.0
Lemon 4.6
Strawberry 4.2
Material List
Master Soil Testing Kit
3 strawberries
3 oranges
3 lemons
Paper and Pencil What People Need to Know to Understand My Project
1. What is acid Acid is a substance that produces hydrogen ions( an atom or a group of atoms that has acquired a net electric charge by losing or gaining one or more electrons) when dissolved in water.
2. What fruits were used? Strawberries, lemons, and oranges.
3. How do you test for acid and how much You use a pH test or litmus paper to test for acid and how much.
Statement of the Problem
Which fruit has more acid
I think the orange has more acid because it is sweeter than the lemon and strawberry. Resources
The Little Book of Acids, Science Book