Why Should Abortion Be Legal

Why Should Abortion be Legal
Marquita Brigman
PHI103: Informal Logic
Elisa Paik
7/8/2013I. Introduction
A. Thesis Statement
Different people have different beliefs. Rather a person’s belief is right or wrong depends on what one believes in. As far as abortion goes that is a very tricky topic for I feel that it’s not right but, it is also not wrong depending on the situation. Therefore, I feel that abortion should be legal for it is any and every female individual’s choice, professionally performed abortions reduces injury and death, and a baby coming in this world in some cases can be a life or death situation.
II. Body paragraph #1 – Topic Sentence #1
I feel that abortion should be legal for it is any and every female individual’s choice rather to abort a pregnancy or not.
A. Supporting Evidence
Kay Mulligan, president of the Bethlehem chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life, she pointed to two Gallup polls conducted two months apart that includes “To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement – the decision to have an abortion should be made solely by a woman and her physician.” Mulligan said 64 percent of those surveyed agreed with the statement, while 31 percent disagreed (ALU, 1989).
B. Explanation
Most People feel that if a person is carrying a baby and feels that they want to abort the baby then that is up to that individual.
C. So What?
Even though it does take two to make a baby it is up to the parent carrying the baby rather or not if they are making the best decision for themselves and a baby.
III. Body paragraph #2 – Topic Sentence #2
It is also proven that professionally performed, abortions reduces injury and death due to, illegal abortions.
A. Supporting Evidence
In the online article “The Kitchener,” Joseph Speidel, president of Population Action International states “More than 100,000 women die as a result of unsafe abortions each year – almost half of them in developing countries”…