Background of the Study
In every institution one of the common problems was cleanliness, public discipline, and etc. The very in demand problem in terms of cleanliness was toilets. Survey shows 9 out of 10 schools say they have problems in maintaining their rest rooms neat and clean. Our school was surely one of the 90% as we observe. This problem leads the researcher to conduct a research entitled “SKSU toilet etiquette’’. We must have toilet etiquette this rules will be posted in every corner or door of the toilet cubicle. In every institution, restrooms of males and female are usually in separate this lead to a more process and double work for this research. (
That toilet etiquette will be posted in very attractive way to make it visible to everyone. In the time the rules are posted in our toilets the researcher will conduct an everyday survey from male to female if any actions was done according to the rules.
This toilet etiquette in the form of poster is not a rare method some institution made this already so they will have set of rules to follow how to maintain the cleanliness of every toilet cubicle thus this research will serve as an evaluation to show how the students will react or response to the conducted toilet etiquette posters if this will lead to a more neat and clean toilets.
Furthermore this research will provide a rule that will make the institution more competitive in terms of facility and develop values for students or any person that will follow the regulations.
Objectives of the study
The research entitled “toilet etiquette to our school” aims to have set of rules in every toilet cubicle. It specially seeks to answer the following questions:
1. What is the reaction about having a set of rules to follow in using the toilet?
2. In having those rules did the toilet become cleaner 3. Whom is more obedient is it the males or females
Scope and delimitations
The study will focus on having a…