Theories of Classical and Contemporary Adult Development

Theories of Classical and Contemporary Adult Development
Kenethia Lewis
PYS 202
Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez
July 7, 2013
I. Where are you froma. Born in Dayton, Ohio
b. Grandview Hospital

II. What was your family likea. Oldest child
b. Two brothers
c. Parents split up

III. Where did you attend schoola. Medowdale Elementary
b. Charles H. Loos Elementary
c. Fairport Middle School
1. Honor Roll
2. Handbell Choir
3. Track Team
d. Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
e. Dayton Barber CollegeIV. Do you have your own family nowa. Three childrenV. What are your personal, educational and career goalsa. Earn a degree in Social and Criminal Justice
b. Set standards for children
c. Becoming a paralegal

Theories of Classical and Contemporary Adult Development As one might know life is full of unexpected challenges and changes. No one is capable of predicting the future. As a 35 year old single, mother of three children, my life is far from what I envision it to be. This essay reflects on some of those life experiences and the theories of adult development. It will also explore some theories of adult development.
My mother Cheryl Lewis gave birth to a four pound fifteen ounce baby girl, at Grandview Hospital, on October 25, 1977 at 7:34a.m. Her mother Lizzie Lewis named the baby girl Kenethia Aisha Lewis. Although, born slightly underweight, Dr. William Connors assured the new mother that her baby was healthy and strong. It was mandatory that the baby remained in the hospital until it weighed five pound nine ounces. My mother expressed to me I was happy, normal child.
A few years later, our family had a new addition. Six months before my third birthday, my brother Jerrell Jr. was born. Having a younger brother to play with was exciting to me. I would often try to change his pamper. My mother would follow my brothers’ cries, to find us both in the closet. We had the normal love you, hate you, brother sister…