Carlos Artagos VI
Midterm The two types of investigations are constructive and reconstructive.
The two main methods of collecting information are communication and observation.
One way the investigative process in the private sector differs from that in the public sector is their limits of information that they can get. Public sectors are not as limited as private sectors. Another way they differ is that the public sector is more representative of the people in society as a whole and the private sector is more focused on their client.
I would say that intelligence and observant are my two strongest attributes. I am always observant where ever I am and I tend to be curious of things when I see them. I also would say intelligent because I have a very strong memory.
It would be very difficult for a manager of investigative functions to do a good job without having superior investigative skills because in order to manage the highly motivated individuals who perform the work the manager has to be someone who has experienced the work before.
The main factor that turns an undercover investigation into entrapment is planting the seed of an idea to do wrong in someones mind.
It is important to have outside investigators rather than in-house investigators because outside investigators provide more legal protection over the information generated by the undercover agent.
I would use covert surveillance because overt surveillances are prevention oriented.
I would use overt surveillances because they will prevent the matter from happening again by using measures such as a log book of each register.
Two reasons that background screening are necessary for the pre hiring process are criminal records and education or skill levels.
Two areas that may be explored are your criminal record and your financial record.
Two techniques are cash counts and checking register transaction numbers. Cash counts are good because it will keep…