Abortion Assessment: Should a Christian Have an AbortionThere are a number of things that Jamila could do to solve her problem. She could keep the baby and raise it, but she may see the baby as a reminder of the horrible event that happened to her, she could also have the baby and then put it up for adoption this way she is not going against any religious teachings and she can continue with her education at university after. The problem with that is she will have to take time out of her course at university for the pregnancy; this could affect her education she may even have to quit her course which she had already paid for. This may cause problems with her getting qualifications, which will help her get her desired job. Another problem with this is she has a boyfriend and if she continues with the pregnancy, he may not want to raise a child or be able to help out with her pregnancy.
He may not be able to support his girlfriend financially throughout the pregnancy while she cannot work to pay for her well being.As she is a Christian, having an abortion is going against her religious belief. A number of verses in the Bible tell us to preserve life. As in the commandment, Thou shall not kill. It also is against the religious belief that God has been with us from the moment of contraception. In conclusion I think she should abort the pregnancy as although there are no health risks in her having the baby it and she is a Roman Catholic and it is not looked upon well in the bible, I still think she should abort it as having the baby may cause her to give up her course at university which will then hinder her progress at getting the qualifications needed to get the job she had hoped for. I also think as the baby may resemble her attacker, the child may upset her and it wasn’t her fault that she has got pregnant so she shouldn’t have to suffer anymore for the crime, as she has already been through enough.