Story Carnival

1.S + V+ too + adj/adv + (for someone) + to do something (qua….d? cho ai lam gi…), e.g.1 This structure is too easy for you to remember. E.g.2: He ran too fast for me to follow.
2.S + V + so + adj/ adv + that +S + V (qua… d?n n?i ma…), e.g.1: This box is so heavy that I cannot take it. E.g2: He speaks so soft that we can’t hear anything.
3.It + V + such + (a/an) + N(s) + that + S +V (qua… d?n n?i ma…), e.g.1: It is such a heavy box that I cannot take it. E.g.2: It is such interesting books that I cannot ignore them at all.
4.S + V + adj/ adv + enough + (for someone) + to do
something. (D?… cho ai do lam gi…), e.g.1: She is old
enough to get married. E.g.2: They are intelligent enough for
me to teach them English.
5.Have/ get + something + done (VpII) (nh? ai ho?c thue ai lam gi…), e.g.1: I had my hair cut yesterday. E.g.2: I’d like to have my shoes repaired.
6.It + be + time + S + V (-ed, c?t 2) / It’s +time +for someone +to
do something (da d?n luc ai do ph?i lam gi…), e.g.1: It is
time you had a shower. E.g.2: It’s time for me to ask all of
you for this question.
7.It + takes/took+ someone + amount of time + to do
something (lam gi… m?t bao nhieu th?i gian…), e.g.1: It
takes me 5 minutes to get to school. E.g.2: It took him 10
minutes to do this exercise yesterday.
8.To prevent/stop + someone/something + From + V-ing
(ngan c?n ai/cai gi… khong lam gi..), e.g.1:
9.S + find+ it+ adj to do something (th?y … d? lam gi…), e.g.1: I find it very difficult to learn about English. E.g.2: They found it easy to overcome that problem.
To prefer + Noun/ V-ing + to + N/ V-ing. (Thich cai
gi/lam gi hon cai gi/ lam gi , e.g.1: I prefer dog to cat. E.g.2:
I prefer reading books to watching TV.
Would rather + V(i n fi ni tiv e) + than + V(in fin i ti v e)(thich
lam gi hon lam gi , e.g.1: She would play games than read
books. E.g.2: I’d rather learn English than learn Biology.
To be/get Used to + V-ing (quen…