Ups Case of Mis

1 What external factors affect international operations at UPS?
How do these factors cause UPS to adjust its operations?
a Nowadays other than fuel prices and weather what affect international operations at UPS, there would be like:
– Consumer demand for shipped goods;
– Prices of competitors;
– International trade unbalances, etc.b The client today is not satisfied with just moving package from point A to point B,its mean the demand of shipping market had grown,it require
for better services, faster dilivery, more extra value…Because of these factors, in the early 80s, UPS invested over one billion to build up its own first MIS which call International Shipment Processing System,its a key to the company’s overseas operations.2 Explain how ISPS facilitates the ability of UPS to ship packages internationally.
The ISPS system developed by USP transmitted data on each day’s shipment long before the packages ever arrives the customs leaving the custom office with enough time to process the necessary paperwork and hence making it easy for the actual package to arrive and quickly pass through.3 Describe the role that the DIAD plays in UPS business processes.Upon arrival of the package, the delivery information acquisition device (DIAD), a special electronic data collector is used by the driver to note delivery information and capture recipient’s signatures.4 How important is information to the global expansion of UPS?
What advantages does UPS gain by carefully capturing informationa In today’s business, people working without computer is no more exist. Information becomes the center part of the business. Companie uses information system effectively requlies an understanding of the organization, people and information technology shaping the system. In this case, the information provides the solutions for UPS’s business problems or challanges facing the firm. UPS delivers a big amont of packages everyday, everyminutes in…