Intervention Paper

    Telephones are one of the greatest inventions in the world because the telephone makes communications easier for people. The telephone was created by Alexander Graham Bell, in 1876.The invention of the telephone made a very big change in the Americas. For one, people no longer had to wait for responses to a telegram that they may have sent two long and miserable weeks ago. The telephone also sped up conversations. When the telephone came out people started freaking and were like I have to have one. People never had to send someone a message my telegram, they just had to pick up the phone. Apart from being able to easily communicate, jobs were also created due to the opening of the telephone companies such as the Telephone Company Limited, United Telephone Company etc. where people worked as switchboard and telephone operators. Now does the telephone keeps families connected when they are apart, for example when the men had to go to war or went to different states. If the telephone wasn’t invented airplanes would not be able to communicate, there would be no cell phones and almost all types of voice communication would be impossible for a long time. The invention of the telephone was one of the first things that lead to the concept of linking the world as one unified society as opposed to individual societies that operated within their own walls and were less affected by the rest of the world. There were no negative impacts on the telephone because everyone liked, they thought it would be good for everyone. Has improved communication. It has allowed people to talk to each other from different places. Lead to present day cell phones and cordless telephones. This is why I think the telephone was one of the greatest inventions in the world.